Okay. So yes, I am still alive. I always find some reason to not have time to update...but really there is no excuse when I only have to go to school during the day. So...at the moment I am extremely satisfied with my weekend! It was absolutely ridiculous and fun and me and maya took advantage of every opportunity to do something. on friday night we went out with a bunch of the other program participants and danced the night away (oh and drank because beers were a dollar...on tuesdays theyre 80 cents). Basically maya's a pimp with two guys right now...but thats just her i guess! then on saturday we had a really classy pot luck of sorts with everyone...it consisted of much wine and pasta followed by much broken german and fun. then we hung out at this corner kiosk (sounds trashy I know) and just spoke german the whole night to these german guys ...there were a bunch of us thought so its not as creepy as it sounds. we got free beer after free beer so I was okay with that. Then on sunday we left at about noon with our school to a wine festival in ahrweiler...this small ADORABLE typical germanesque town about an hour and a half away. we got there and there was a parade and a whole mess of whenches just pooring wine for everyone and everyone was just so trashed it wasnt even funny...it was the best thing in the world. I think that's the funnest time I've had here in germany (paris and salzburg are exempt). It was absolutely outrageous and I will post a video on youtube if anyone wants to watch it. IT WAS AMAZING. i cant even describe...I had a moment there that I realized "wow this is really germany...I'm here. drinking wine. " it was grand. then today we saw a movie which I understood most of (got the whole gist of though for sure) and then we had a little salsa class. we are crazy and I am having so much fun. I've got a month left until I'll be plunged into NO ENGLISH land. I'm kinda scared, but I'll be able to focus on getting fluent. I miss you. Im gonna say that every entry. I just miss tucson and it wont ever change. Im looking forward to changing leavess!!! okay this was a weird entry but nonetheless. I love you. hopefully it wont take me a year to update next time.