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I guess I'm just really the shittiest person ever at updating this thing. alright so basically I just moved away from cologne, all the people I know there and basically all my english friends! basically no more english (except for my roommate and his friends want to speak english with me...I told them I prefer deutsch though). I am now a resident of Wiesbaden...definitely a beautiful town but its got its weird traits too. like being way too expensive. having a lot of old people. and closing by midnight basically (Except for a few places). I live about 15 minutes away from mainz on the other side of the rhine which has a good party/club scene so really its not a problem. and I live about 45 minutes away from frankfurt so thats cool for concerts etc. I like it here. last night I hung out with my roommate and 4 of his friends...they are so nice and accepting here! I'm really glad ...I was kinda worried about having roommates. I live in a studentenwohnheim which is basically dorms but nicer...It's just an apartment with 4 rooms...you share a kitchen and two bathrooms. It's pretty nice. I'm going to ikea this weekend on sunday to buy stuff for my room and the kitchen to make it feel more at home. I'm gonna sell it all towards the end since I can't exactly take it back so easily. I found a music store!!!! I'm so excited I'm totally buying a guitar. It's been raining the last few days so it's kind of depressing...but I can see that I'm going to have a good time. I can't believe I'll be here for ten more months but at the same time it's really not that long at all. half of the german students I have talked to here have been to the US for a year already. everyone has pretty good english. I hope my german will be as good as their english by the time I leave. my "dorm" is kinda freaky in the hallways...It's like an insane asylum...but a lot of partying goes on usually so thats cool. This weekend I'm driving with a few friends to stuttgart to hang out and then drive to ikea on the way back! next wednesday is school. which kinda freaks me out, but then again I was freaked out about moving and everything has worked out thus far. I MISS TUCSON. I like yogurt here its good.here...I'll make a things I like /dont like list:

things I like about germany:
*bread and pastries. holy crap you will never find better...everythings crazy good.
*ice cream. it's just better. sorry america.
* washing machines...they work better. I dunno I think it's just kind of known to be that way
*yogurt. yum
*windshield wipers are just one big one. it just makes more sense and it works...there's no awkward spot in the lower middle of your windshield that is always wet. weird I know but i just like it
*walking and outside. everyone walks more...and it's lovely. you can get to most places on foot and it's just more healthy. It's just green and gorgeous here...and I love it!
*public transportation. sometimes not on time, but that always happens. I like being able to function without a car...It's nice...BUT I also miss my car at the same time.
*the language. it just makes sense...instead of making new words for everything they just put them together...for example. instead of having a word for refrigerator it's just kuhlschrank which is the equivelant of cool closet. makes perfect sense. it's just funny i love german
* four seasons
*doener sandwiches (turkish equivelant of the greek gyro...it's totally good and there are so many doener stands...its late night drunk food.
*pommes mmmmm. french fries...oh and the mayonnaise here is good. I know sounds gross but its definitely not.
* beeeeer
*H&M. good store good store.
*german tv. pop stars represent! It's so funny...

things I dont like:
*rain rain rain
* homeless people bothering you for beer bottles (you get money for them here...that was only in cologne though cause its a big city)
*crazy mother fucking children. I dont know what it is but kids are insane here...parents in general are more of a "let them learn their own lesson" approach and kids run wild.
* servers dont really tend to you at all. you have to flag them down and sometimes it takes forever to eat a meal...I waited an hour for my food once....which is ALRIGHT but yeah.
*no free refills! drinks fucking suck. you have to ration your one glass of coke which costs a lot for how little it is (usually 0,2 to 0,3 liters unless you order a big one but that's even more money so...)
* poop shelf toilets. there are some older toilets here that are flat and then drop down inside so your crap or whatever you do lands on it...it was how some people use to inspect if they were sick or not. it's just strange and never flushes well hahaha
*milk. it's just not the same
*steak. it's just not the same
*there's no kraft macaroni and cheese
*16 year olds being allowed to drink and therefore being at clubs you go to. weird and annoying.
I dont know that's all I care to try to think of right now...I will hopefully update more often of happenings here in wiesbaden!
*no dryers! not many people have dryers they hang their clothes...but now I have some so it's cool
*the euro. AHHH I'm spending so many american dollars its lame.
what is your mailing address there?