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anyone else watching heroes?? one of my friends downloads it and i've been able to keep up....does anyone else's life get swallowed up by it? cause mine does. good show good show.

on a wonderful note, maya visited me this weekend and I was able to retrieve most of my music that i so shitily deleted on accident some months ago...I feel like I just ate a big piece of "great" and I don't want it to digest cause it tastes so good. I love music...today was definitely a music day.

now I'm going to watch shopgirl and do homework. I love you all. OH AND WHOEVER HAS A WII PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT IT. it's as close as I can get. and buy Zelda for it. It looks amazing. and then tell me about that too....haha.

Tyler comes in TEN DAYS. holy mother fucking shit...happy days!
cool Thanksgiving plans?
yeah they're actually organizing something for the students in our bundesland to get together and have a thanksgiving thing...maya's hopping over to join us and we get to cook! woohoo. it will be good. what about you?