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Hey. has been quite the while eh? I'm always gonna be bad at journals I decided. but I think I'll be able to live with that. 5 months til I come home folks, get prepared, get prepared. I cannot believe the time is going/has gone so fast. insanity. sometimes It feels like I've been here for ten years, and others, it seems like a year is the shortest time ever. there's no doubt by the time I'm back home, It will feel like this year was a flash of wonderfulness.

So this weekend/week is Karneval in germany (also known by many other names depending on where you are) which is basically a way bigger version of mardi gras minus boobs (unless you want I guess...). All of us original cologne language school buddies went back to cologne for the weekend to celebrate. Cologne is the karneval capital. the whole city is basically closed except for restaurants and kiosks. there are parades and everyone dresses up. EVERYONE. I'll post pictures on myspace/facebook or something...but it was honestly the coolest most amazing weekend ever. I stayed out all night and watched the sun rise in front of the main cathedral. I can't even describe it, so I won't. I really recommend people to visit cologne when they go to germany...I'm gonna say it's probably the most friendly, easy going, party having city. such a good weekend. I may have had to much too drink...maybe hurt my wrist or something...maybe don't remember how, but other than that it's cool haha. unforgettable.

now I'm sitting in my room being a tad sad that I'm by myself again, and not partying it up in happy cologne...but it's alright It's good to get back into the flow of things. I'm listening to old school Avril for some reason. I really miss everyone!

other than Karneval...I started working here, I work for a company that offers movement, theater and music programs for kids and youth up to 20...there are exchanges to cyprus, italy, and france, and hopefully I'll be able to go along to one of them! that would rule. I assisted in a kids circus class (sounds weird right?) but it was such a blast. I really really like my job...It takes me about 1 minute literally to walk there, it's on my street, they are really flexible and I usually don't work more than 5 hours (which consists of circus classes, and watching play rehearsals etc). I'm doing this kids event on tuesday, playing games, dressing up (it's the last day of karneval) and dancing to YMCA apparently haha. It's really great. looking forward to the rest of my time there for sure.

My bday is in two months, I think I'm planning something in Hamburg with other people in the program with april birthdays. I've been trying to get my shit done for school next semester...I'm no longer going to NAU...I changed my mind, made a pro con list and decided on Colorado University NOT haha UofA. I wish I could afford that school. love boulder. yeah...doing stuff online is definitely less effective emailing to ask questions blahblah. kind of a pain, but it's alright. I'm entering as a linguistics major. should be good :) I'm excited to actually go to a University.

this is a pretty boring entry I know, so I'll stop now...plus sk8er boi is on so I have to pay full attention haha.
Linguistics is hard and a pain in the ass, be forewarned! I wish I would have picked another minor.