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since i've updated. and it's not gonna be long either...I just get the feeling. first of all:

LESS THAN 3 MONTHS TIL I'M HOME! I will be back july 19th or 20th. not sure yet. only 2 months of work left, then a few days free, 2 weeks of rome and venice, then a few more days free, 2 days in new york then I'm back. I cannot believe that a year has already almost passed. it's so strange how sometimes it seems like you're never going to get home, but then it just sneaks up on you. don't get me wrong I love me my germany...I might move back later.

If I didn't put this in here before, I'm staying in tucson for a year at least. most likely 2 to finish at the uofa unless I feel the need to transfer somewhere.

so a lot has happened in the last two months I guess...I broke up with one boy, found another...but that just ended. not worth explaining in here, but both were necessary. nothing bad. I went to paris, stayed in the hotel that michael jackson held is "blanket" out of, spent about 3 weeks in berlin total most likely...which is my favorite city tied with paris. went to erfurt for a while...dyed some eggs german style (which is no different) celebrated my birthday with some of my favorite people in the world in Goettingen by drinking DAS BOOT! (beerfest anyone?) and officially watched 3 seasons of scrubs online.

I'm still working...basically I help prepare, advertise, and sometimes participate with kids activities, classes, plays, workshops, camping things. it's pretty cool. for example today I helped out with a circus class we have where I work and yeah pretty much since I've been helping, I can juggle, walk on a tightrope, do lots of cartwheels, and layed on a bed of nails. which anyone can do by the way. good stuff.

okay so maybe this was longer than I thought. now I'm gonna do some german class homework and try to do my fafsa hopefully it's not too late. yeahhh. I miss everyone...2 and odd months I'll see you at my coming home party! WOOOOT! haha alright. ENDE.

p.s. see 300 if you haven't. and watch the new harry potter trailer.
woah. time is just flying by. i haven't talked to you in ages. sounds like you've been busy with life. i can't wait until you come home. and then i can feel like i have a friend again. ha.