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alright SO. ten days since my last depressing update, don't worry this one is better hopefully. I went to go visit maya last weekend in her little town of Erfurt. I love it. It is in former east germany AHHHH haha jk...it's realllly pretty, it's got one of the only bridges left in the world that has shops on the side of it...built in over the bridge its really cool. it's pretty grey at the moment but that's just cause its germany in the fall and it's pretty grey all the time. this is the moment when I ask myelf...do i spell it grey or gray? and i always do grey...not sure why. alright back to relevant stuff...Maya's got some really cool roommates one of which was in the same program we were in but went to america 2 years ago...so her english is great. We went to something called a zwiebelmarkt (onion market) on friday night...and yeah you would think it would be boring with some food maybe in the main city center and some onions, but nonono. germans find every excuse to get their riesenrads (ferris wheels) out and bands to come. there was an insane amount of people with drinks everywhere and food and candy and roasted nuts and delicious fun...it was a good time. gotta love germany man. then we hit up shopping on saturday and i went home sunday. It's weird not being able to talk to maya all the time, but its been workin out so far...she should be coming to visit this next weekend.

I'm not really sure how to react to germany's lack of halloween festivity(nik, ya feelin me there?). there are some parties in bigger cities but i dont want to pay to go far and get drunk...haha. we'll see what happens I think there's something small here in wiesbaden. I really want to carve a pumpkin--i've never not carved a pumpkin for halloween...weird. I also realized yesterday that this will be the first year I'm ever going to wake up for christmas without my little brother and sister in the same room (yeah we're dorks about christmas...we stay up late and do stupid stuff and then wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to open presents). I'm gonna miss that. It's alright no need to be sad because TYLER is coming on NOV 30th! I'm so excited to have someone come visit. holy crappppp.

As for myself and what i'm doing lately...well I have a problem going to school because my teachers don't really notice if I'm there or not, but I realize its important for learning german so I'll be working on that. I emailed a girls soccer team and their coach is emailing me back about getting a spot! that will be amazing if I can do it. and tonight is my first night of choir...I joined a random church choir that i guess a lot of random people just join and I'm happy. any excuse to meet people really. I'm at that weird stage where I don't have any german friends that I want to hang out with on the weekends...the ones in my classes at school that i hang out with are really nice but one lives in the next town, and we're just not close enough yet. I need to get my ass going with friend making dangit. my roommates have girlfriends so that's a no go...or they're gone. and one of the two americans that are here went to berlin...the other one i can probably hang out with. its just kind of depressing to not have anything to do on the weekend! this never happens. it will get better i know, but i hate this inbetween stage. I'm going to get a shit load of homework done though! that's awesome.

this was way to long sorry! update next week hopefully... :) and if anyone is going to be in europe please tell me and visit me. now.
Totally. What the hell is up with the rest of the world? How can they not have gotten on board with Halloween yet?